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October 8, 2012 12:10 am

Head Start

Students of the Week were Abisai Alvarado-Martinez, Sandra Alvarez-Chavez, Zephaniah Akosah-Yiadom, Anthony Ankrom, Gregory Bell Jr., Genesi Arias-Lagos, Amiya Aliff, Anthony Blanco, Khalil Ashford-Patton, Kevin Benavides-Barahona, Nehemiah Allen, Shayla Acors, Favour Brown and Ethan Adkins.

--Alice Thompson

Garrisonville Elementary

The following students participated in the Principal's Summer Reading Challenge and read the most books in their classes. These students will receive a special lunch with the principal, Marcie Fields.

Cole Beckley--second grade

Nathan Klepic--kindergarten

Brooke Klepic--kindergarten

Ean Drwiega--second grade

Carleigh Lamborn--fifth grade

Emily Aversen--third grade

Lenny Klepic--third grade

Lilia Vanderhoof--fifth grade

Khobe Oliver--fourth grade

Emerson Rodriguez--fourth grade

Jacquiline Kuzma--fourth grade

Aiden Lane--first grade

Skylar Mack--second grade

Anna Moore--first grade

Alexander Fuller--first grade

David Dunay--first grade

Sam Dunay--third grade

Katie Hasenecz--fourth grade

Chris Carter--fifth grade.

-- Sally Moore

Rockhill Elementary

Suzanne Kearns, computer technician trainer, and Carol O'Hagan, technology resource teacher, are the October P.T.O. Employees of the Month.

--Pat Johnston

Stafford Middle

The 2012-2013 National Junior Honor Society officers are: President Ireland Twiggs; Vice President Hannah Phillips; Secretary Amanda Marshall.

Seventh-grader Katie Harris' essay on Fairness was selected as the winner in the September Word-of-the-Month contest.

--Liz Featherstone

A. G. Wright Middle

The following students made All County Chorus: Searra White, Ada Vanderhoof, Jeane Robinson, Jennifer Polintan, Jennifer Flores, Alyssa Endrizzi, Madison Jones, Hanna Hendrickson, Yarieliz Merced, Kaylen Jacques, Keirsten Kennedy, Alyssa Wiczalkowski, Shane Donavon, James Moorehead, Aaron Reid and Jacob Schwartz.

--Summer Craig

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