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Rob Wittman: A terrific congressman

Date published: 10/11/2012

Rob Wittman: A terrific congressman

I wholeheartedly support Rob Wittman for re-election as representative of the 1st Congressional District. Let me tell you why.

Rob grew up on the Chesapeake Bay tributaries in Westmoreland County. He knows the bay, its troubles, and how it positively affects all of the people in Tidewater and the economy of the state and much of the country.

Even if you don't agree with Rob on specific issues, he will meet with you, look you in the eye, and listen to your point of view. You can count on the fact that he has sincerely thought through the different sides to issues, and he will listen to yours.

Rob Wittman is not a part-time member of the House of Representatives. He is on the job all the time he is in Washington. He travels home to Montross almost every night to be with his family as they are the foundation of his drive to make the future a better place for all of us.

National defense is important to all of us. Wittman is an enthusiastic member of the Armed Services Committee, and he votes to provide the military that our nation deserves.

If you don't know Rob Wittman, get to know him. Our country would be better off if we had more friends like him in Congress. Join me and vote for Rob on Nov. 6.

Douglas D. Monroe Jr.