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Sponsors said it loud: Thank you, police!

Date published: 10/14/2012

Sponsors said it loud: Thank you, police!

I would like to thank the following businesses for their participation and support on National Tell a Police Officer Thank You Day (Sept. 15):

Juli of Chick-fil-A Southpoint for providing breakfast to the Virginia State Police Area 5 Office; Lisa Green and Donna of Chick-fil-A Central Park for providing breakfast to the Fredericksburg Police Department; Terry Hawley of Dairy Queen Courthouse Road, Fredericksburg, and his assistance in recruiting Dairy Queen Spotsylvania Towne Center, Dairy Queen Thornburg, and Dairy Queen Ferry Farm; Cindy Burns of Lenny's Subs & Pizza; Chick-fil-A Celebrate Virginia; Virginia Deli, The Icing, Stafford; Arbys Warrenton Road; 7-Eleven Kings Highway; and McDonald's Stanstead Road.

Their show of support and appreciation for our police officers is truly admirable. On behalf of The Whole Truth Project, thanks to all!

Kathy Shepard