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Dialysis center coming to Orange
Dialysis center being built near Lake of the Woods

 Site preparation is under way in Locust Grove for a dialysis center scheduled to open next summer.
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Date published: 10/15/2012


The question many Lake of the Woods residents have been asking for several weeks, "What are they building there in front of Dollar General?" has finally been answered.

Orange County has announced that a dialysis center will open next summer on the site at the intersection of Goodwin Drive and Partnership Way, just off State Route 3.

The state-of-the-art, 6,800-square-foot facility being built by Huffman Builders at an estimated cost of $4.5 million will have the capacity to serve up to 18 patients at a time. It is expected to create 20 to 22 new jobs in the county.

"We are pleased to welcome this business to Orange County," District Five Supervisor Lee Frame said. "The construction of this facility has been long awaited, and the location is optimal. We are confident that this dialysis center will be an excellent addition to eastern Orange County."

County Administrator Julie Summs said: "It is a much-needed service and can help many in a convenient location. Projects like these are just part of the progress we hope to make in expanding the county's tax base."

The Virginia Department of Health notes that 8.7 percent of Virginians have been diagnosed with diabetes.

The future center is expected to provide convenient dialysis access not only for Orange County residents but also for those of neighboring counties.

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