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K.G. board will review by-the-book policy page 2
King George supervisors continue to deal with issues stemming from an old manual they adopted over the summer

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Date published: 10/18/2012


Brooks said that wasn't enough. He wanted a work session "to sit down and talk about some of these things that don't make sense."

The supervisors will do that at 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 26. That's the same night they're scheduled to meet with Virginia Department of Transportation officials about a project at the intersection of State Route 206 and Owens Road.

In recent meetings, Brabo has repeatedly brought up concerns from residents because the intersection is in her district. She has researched communication between the board from the 1990s to the present and studied traffic statistics, case studies from a transportation guidebook and different diagrams of the project over the years.

She has stressed in recent meetings that VDOT's plan--to add left- and right-turn lanes--doesn't address the safety issues with the road.

"It is apparent that VDOT has failed to hear and discuss the concerns raised by this board and the community," she said Tuesday.

She suggested that the board offer another solution: a roundabout. She shared statistics about improved safety and asked the board to send a letter to each of the county's three representatives in the General Assembly, requesting their assistance.

Brabo also asked that the board hire a traffic engineer to provide an unbiased assessment of the current traffic design versus an intersection with a signal or a roundabout.

LoBuglio agreed with her, but he was the only one.

Supervisor Dale Sisson Jr. said the county owed it to VDOT to see what design changes engineers had come up with. "We have to be careful to not pretend to be traffic engineers," he said.

Sisson said he'd seen the VDOT revisions and that there were significant changes.

That bothered Brabo because, she said, no one else had seen any revised plans. On Wednesday, she asked County Administrator Travis Quesenberry to email VDOT and request copies of the revisions for all board members.

On Tuesday, Brooks said Brabo "kept saying 'I'" when she talked about the Route 206 project. He added: "It's not about 'I,' it's about what we want as a board."

Brabo looked out at those in the audience whose businesses and homes would be affected by the project, and said she'd spoken on their behalf. "You've heard what the other supervisors have said," she said to residents, "and these are the ones you have to convince."

Brooks said, "My God, you've done all you could" except stand in front of the bulldozers when VDOT starts work and shout, "No, no, no!"

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