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Woman's love of knitting carried on page 2
Spotsylvania County woman leaves a knitting legacy as hundreds of skeins of yarn she collected are passed along to other knitting groups

 Sue Hampton (left) holds the sweater her late mother had begun knitting for her. Her neighbor Lena Gonzalez Berrios had it finished and gave it to Hampton.
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Date published: 10/21/2012


"Mrs. Ayers left behind a gorgeous collection," said Lawson, who shared the yarn with those who don't have as much. "The new knitters are especially grateful for a gift of yarn. Some of the yarn, I used for girls who stop by and don't have any yarn with which to knit."

Linda Vinnedge, who works at Salem Church, took some yarn for craft projects for preschoolers at St. George's Episcopal Church. Some of that may go as far as Haiti, as another church member plans a mission trip and is collecting supplies.

Berrios also took yarn to her mother, who lives in High Point, N.C., and belongs to Emmanuel Lutheran Church. Its group of yarn-lovers is called Knit Wits.

Hampton and Berrios also found a few projects that Ayers had been working on, and knitters finished those, too. Berrios presented one--a black cardigan with gold buttons--as a gift to Hampton on Mother's Day.

"It's given me a lot of comfort," Hampton said.

Berrios also has been on the receiving end of a handmade item, and she knows how special the gift was.

Three years ago, she was pregnant and hospitalized for five weeks. Co-workers and volunteers at the library worked to make her a prayer shawl in deep purple, her favorite color.

She felt better every time she was wrapped in its warmth.

"It was the sweetest thing that anybody could do," she said. "Each and every person spent their time and made it for me with love."

Volunteers in the local knitting groups and in North Carolina have done the same, making gifts for people they don't even know.

"People are dedicating hours and hours of their time," Berrios said, "to make these things with love and care."

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