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Thanks, FLS, for backing Stafford High

Date published: 10/29/2012

Thanks, FLS, for backing Stafford High

I am writing to express my complete agreement with your editorial "SHS restart? No!" When I first read of Supervisor Paul Milde's proposal to have a public referendum to determine whether to proceed with building a new Stafford High, I was dismayed and astonished. It seemed like an 11th hour stalling technique.

Thank you for so clearly showing why this proposal has no merit and is just an attempt to run in circles.

To the editors at The Free Lance-Star, I say "Well said!" To Mr. Milde I say, "I support our School Board and am proud of their efforts to build a much-needed replacement for Stafford High School."

Perhaps Mr. Milde should consider "roundabouts" as a possible solution to traffic issues in our county, but let's keep these far from our progress in building a new Stafford High.

Della Hall