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Date published: 10/29/2012


Head Start

Students of the Week were Keasia Daniels, Jacob Cales, Rajon Faunteroy, Tykoir Coles, William Bunns IV, Kelsie Canady, Teijon Gaines, Aniyah Coleman, Andre Calderon-Powell, Donovann Beverly, Emily Duran, Emily Escobar and Tessa Figliozzi.

--Alice Thompson

Garrisonville Elementary

The following classes had the most students work on First In Math: Diane Henion's class, Lisa Rhoden's class, Cindy Patton's class, Veronia Childs' class, and in first place with the most participation, Beth Davenport's class.

Kristen Marshall won the most awards in First In Math for the week.

-- Sally Moore

Rockhill Elementary

The following students are winners in the October Fourth-grade Math Problem Solving Challenge:

First place--Jacob Holtz-hauer, Brandon Knutson, Shane Rucker, Bradley Zendek

Second place--Rachel Brewer, Kaylee Flores, Alexandeer Sturgill, Avalee Taylor, Nicholas Woods.

--Pat Johnston

Widewater Elementary

Math specialist Judy Schneider received her 25-year pin from Stafford County schools for her dedication to education in service to students and staff.

The following students were recognized for their examples of fairness by the counselor, Melissa Greene: Izabella Roman, Victorya Yonts, Kylie Shea, Brayden Kampano, Anya Mirskov, Ella Heinze, Johneice Reynolds, Adriana Johnson, Fernando Ortega, Aaliyan Wright, Kiyah Years, Chloe Rotting, Audrey Jenkins, J.P. Page, Madelyn Chambers, Madason Buchanan, Makiyah Wright-Oliver, Hailey Askelson, Abigail Wert, Kyra Gatlin, Tyrone Conteh, Ariana Smile, Aiden Rowe, Natalie Hendrix, Deshawn Henderson, Jayriah Yazzie, Brianna Devine, Taylor Buckles, Steven Kime, Samantha Meidt, Geshon Tucker, Kimberly Moreno and Jacob Duniver. Each student attended a special breakfast and received a medal along with a book made for each student by their classmates.

--Nancy Brothers