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King George Farmers Market considers inviting other guest vendors for next season
King George Farmers Market considers inviting other guest vendors for next season

Date published: 10/30/2012

By Cathy Dyson

K.G. market officialsto discuss 2013 plans

Officials with the King George Farmers Market plan a meeting to decide how many vendors will be at the 2013 market.

The market's board of directors invites vendors, members, volunteers and costumers to attend the meeting at 3 p.m. Sunday at St. John's Episcopal Church Parish Hall, 9415 Kings Highway.

The market already has surveyed customers and vendors about next year's market but wants to hear from others "to ensure that we have all the input we need," said Jane Van Valzah, president of the board of directors.

The discussion will focus on which vendors from other counties will be invited to the market, which is limited to 22 spaces. Considerations include farm acreage, other markets where the farm sells products, use of pesticides and migrant workers, and what products consumers want.

Inviting vendors from other counties seems contrary to the origins of the market. When the King George Board of Supervisors granted permission for the market in March 2009, members of a market committee told the board that sales would be limited to goods raised in the "fields, forests and waters of King George."

This year, King George added vendors from Westmoreland County.

Speakers at Sunday's meeting will be limited to five minutes or less and can present handouts. The board of directors will make its decision at its next board meeting, at 6 p.m. Nov. 13. The board also will elect new members and has three openings.

Also, because of inclement weather, the King George Farmers Market Feast in the Field was postponed to Sunday, Nov. 18.

--Cathy Dyson