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Former area cop now investigates paranormal activity

 Paranormal investigators use various recording devices and electromagnetic field detectors to discern spirits.
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Date published: 10/31/2012


The FAPI crew uses the unusual devices of the paranormal investigations trade. They have handheld equipment that supposedly measure changes in electromagnetic fields or the temperature. Audio recorders, cameras and video recorders also play key roles in investigations.

Gut feelings also are important, and FAPI uses "sensitives," people purported to be able to sense spirits physically and intuitively.

"We all enjoy it. We love it," said one of FAPI's sensitives, Jeanne Rector, who works at Quantico and said she has been able to "see and hear things since I was little."

Henderson admits that much of what they discover can leave even investigators "scratching our heads," but he added that they always get something, be it a voice caught on an audio recorder, a temperature change or a soft touch on the arm.

Sometimes what they find helps people understand what is happening, Henderson said.

On a recent weekday evening a group of FAPI investigators wearing black T-shirts gathered around Henderson's minivan in the parking lot of a Stafford shopping center. They talked for a bit about the night's investigation, then got into their cars and headed out, led by Henderson's Mazda minivan with "FAPI" on its license plates.

They spent several hours that night attempting to communicate with spirits in a vacant farmhouse the owner said served as a Civil War hospital and has possible ties to slavery's Underground Railroad.

The owner, who asked to remain anonymous, bought the place because she had an unexplained connection with it. She's researching the property, but also brought in FAPI to see what they could find out.

Aside from some subtle experiences by the crew that night, they didn't collect much physical evidence beyond some audio. Two of the group's sensitives, however, picked up on presences--including a boy wearing knickers and slave spirits in the attic and basement areas--along with some information that may relate to the owner's connection to the house.

Henderson said paranormal evidence isn't always straightforward, though he added that he has some clear recordings from other investigations and visits to area Civil War battlefields.

FAPI is still a small group, but Henderson would like to expand and possibly get a television gig, which doesn't seem beyond the realm of possibility given the explosion in paranormal-focused shows in recent years.

Whatever happens with FAPI, Henderson plans to continue his chase for the mysteries of the paranormal.


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