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Camera helps make her patriotic point page 3
Stafford photographer encourages young people to be part of the political process with her "Get Out and Vote" project

 Sisters Kristen and Linnea Musselman arm wrestle over their differing political views.
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Date published: 11/5/2012


Madison Young from Woodbridge was Daniels' Lady Liberty. The photographer did the most poses with her and even put her on a rocky stretch of land where it meets the Potomac River.

With a flag in her hand instead of a torch, the handmade crown of lace on her head and the pale-green fabric draped around her billowing in the breeze, Young definitely looked the part.

The model, who is a student at Virginia Tech, already sent in her absentee ballot. She encouraged her friends to vote and was dismayed by how many fellow students weren't registered.

"It's an issue with young voters," she said, adding that the Facebook pictures of her as Lady Liberty generated both interest and action. "A lot of them went ahead and got registered just because of the photo shoot."

Even those not involved with the photo shoot have been moved by the images.

Kellie Carter, one of Daniels' Facebook followers, thanked the photographer for being a role model to a younger generation.

"I love these young men and women expressing our freedom to vote," Carter wrote. "Honestly, brought tears to my eyes!"

On Facebook, search for Brooke Daniels Photography.

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