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Friends' actions aboard ship save woman's life page 3
Stafford deputies and other government workers on a weekend cruise help save the life of a woman whose heart stopped beating

 This group photo was taken before Patty Bliss (far right) suffered her cardiac arrest. Lisa Logan, the friend who invited her, is in the middle, wearing the striped shirt.
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Date published: 11/5/2012


She did realize that people came together to save her life. Morin, Logan and others visited her in the hospital the Monday the cruise ended, and Bliss cried as soon as she saw them.

"When you find out somebody saved your life oh my gosh, words can't describe it," Bliss said. "You're very thankful."

Logan said everyone in the group was ready to help Bliss, whom they'd just met.

"It was definitely a team effort," she said. "There were 24 women ready to do whatever it took."


Several people have emailed the couple with their accounts of events. The Blisses aren't sure if they'll file a complaint or take legal action against the cruise line.

Carnival reviewed the incident and emailed a five-point response to The Free Lance-Star. It said bystanders had started CPR and that the on-board emergency medical team promptly responded.

The email detailed how many shocks were applied, based on the machine's printout, but not who did them. The cruise line also pointed out that resuscitation efforts were successful, and defibrillators are strategically located throughout the ship.

Those in the Stafford group on the cruise agreed that Patty Bliss was in the right place at the right time.

"I shudder to think of her fate if our deputies had not been next to her," said Camila Shover, an administrator with the Stafford Department of Parks, Recreation & Community Facilities.

Morin says she's ready to preach from the mountaintops that anyone in contact with people should learn CPR. She's ready to become an instructor.

Morin said she realizes some are afraid they'll hurt people by giving CPR to a patient who doesn't need it. But at her last class, Morin asked about that and was told CPR can't hurt a person.

It can only help.

"CPR saves lives. If Patty had to wait for help to arrive, she would not be alive," Morin said. "There is no doubt in my mind."

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