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School's entrance issues remedied page 2
Repairs at Spotsylvania High School are moving forward but not yet finished more than a month after expected completion date.

 VDOT has finished construction around this entrance to Spotsylvania High to make access easier and safer.
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Date published: 11/5/2012


The second entrance--known as the athletics entrance--is at the intersection with Post Oak Road, where there is a traffic signal. It serves as the entrance for Post Oak Middle School and to the high school's sports fields and student parking.

Traffic backed up at that light when school started because of a short turn lane that has since been expanded.

Buses also had a hard time maneuvering through the entrance area because of its odd configuration. Buses must make a sharp right turn to reach the middle school and, as a result, have been driving onto a soft shoulder to avoid oncoming traffic, Upperco said.

The three lanes serving as the entrance at the traffic signal still need to be reconfigured to ease access for buses and other large vehicles, Upperco said. Plus, asphalt needs to be laid on the shoulder of that area to harden it.

Upperco said VDOT told him it wanted to finish the parkway work in that area before taking care of the widening and shoulder issues.

He had hoped all work for the schools would be finished by mid-November, since weather could turn bad as winter approaches. But he said his priorities are safety and quality.

"We've waited this long, so what I want is a good final product that is good for all concerned," Upperco said.

Lora echoed that sentiment.

"Personally, I'm more concerned about them doing it right than the time," he said.

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