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Stafford County: Let the dogs play!

Date published: 11/7/2012

Stafford County: Let the dogs play!

Why can't Stafford have a bark park? Seems like we are getting soccer fields, etc. Why not a dog park?

We go to Myrtle Beach and they have a great dog park. We go to Virginia Beach and they have a nice park. You go to Fredericksburg, they have a park, but if you don't live there, it's a no-no.

I can't blame them--they are accommodating their citizenry. Now if we can get Stafford to do likewise it would be great.

Here's a suggestion: Perhaps Curtis Park can provide a small section for a park. Or maybe the Airport Authority can provide a section of its land (not near the runway).

Dogs really enjoy running around an enclosure without a leash. It's amazing how well they all intermingle, and the pet owners all seem to enjoy the socializing.

We intend to contact the Board of Supervisors to see what they can do. Hope others will join us.

Joe and Barbara Orlando