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Election 2012

Date published: 11/7/2012


Among local members of Congress, 1st District Rep. Rob Wittman (R) and 7th District Rep. and GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor rolled over their opponents. It takes nothing away from the talents of these gentlemen to say they got a king-sized boost from gerrymandering--the antidemocratic carving of voting districts to favor parties or incumbents. The redistricting scandal, not the Electoral College, should be Target No. 1 for the nation's earnest political reformers.

Overall, too, it appears that Democrats will keep the Senate and Republicans the House. So after all the Sturm und Drang of Election 2012, after all the millions spent, the passions unleashed, the arguments advanced, the punditry perpetrated, the brain power and grunt work on behalf of one party or the other, we have--the status quo.

Now let the winners, after enjoying the huzzahs and the bubbly, get to the work of governing. Both statist ideology and the teachings of Grover Norquist need to be dumped in the deepest channel of the Potomac. There is debt to diminish, entitlements to reform, devastated countrymen to help return to solid employment, a staggered middle class to revive.

And there is a riven nation to heal. Few elections have so evenly split Americans; who can remember razor-thin decisions in so many states? Those whose candidates won feel the natural rush of the conqueror. Those on the losing end feel as though they have truly lost. Political life in America must not continue to be a zero-sum game. If our leaders are worthy of that title, they will demonstrate a different way.

In which case, Godspeed to them.


Question 1, protecting property rights, passed with flying colors. Good going, Virginians, blue and red.

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