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Movies still playing in the Fredericksburg area page 2
Movies still playing in the Fredericksburg area

 If there aren't Carl's chocolate malts in those cups, Alan Arkin and Ben Affleck are just wasting their time.
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Date published: 11/8/2012


HHH "THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER" (PG-13) Emma Watson is sweetly compelling in this solid coming-of-age tale about a high school freshman coping with high school and his own tragedy. Rated PG-13 for mature material, drug and alcohol use, sexual content, a fight, with teens. 101 min. [PV]

HH "PITCH PERFECT" (PG-13) There are really funny moments in this comedy about a college choral group, but weak ones too. Rated PG-13 for sexual material, language, drug references. 112 min. [PV]

H "SILENT HILL: REVELATION" (R) This needless sequel is nothing more than horrific scenes cobbled together, making little sense. Rated R for violence, disturbing images, language, brief nudity. 95 min. [MC, PV, RA]

HH "SINISTER" (R) There are scary moments in this story of a man who finds evil in the house he moves into, but not enough happens to capitalize on them. Rated R for disturbing violent images and some terror. 109 min. [MC, PV]

HH "TAKEN 2" (PG-13) Though not as good as the original, there's still plenty of action--and Liam Neeson as the guy kidnappers shouldn't steal from. Rated PG-13 for intense violence, action, some sensuality. 92 min. [MC, PV, RA]

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