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Grant will help track aid page 2

Date published: 11/9/2012


William & Mary is one of seven schools that were awarded the grants on Thursday. Other schools receiving grants include Duke, Michigan State, Texas A&M, MIT, University of California at Berkley and a university in Uganda. Centers at those schools will work on projects such as improving agriculture in conflict areas such as Afghanistan, developing technology to end poverty and developing crops resistant to climate change.

"We really do believe that it is now possible to end extreme poverty, and doing so will help us as a nation be more secure and create more economic opportunities for our own people, creating jobs at home," USAID administrator Rajiv Shah said in a teleconference.

Initially, the William & Mary project will target 15 countries, although those haven't been decided yet. That may expand in the future. Although the financial award is for five years, the college has made a 20-year commitment to U.S. AID.

"This is right in our wheel house. We think this is super important research and we're going to support it for the long run," Tierney said.

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