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Baskerville: Use your strengths page 2
Speakers inspire area professional women at the 19th annual Leadership Colloquium at the University of Mary Washington.

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Date published: 11/10/2012


Baskerville's address was followed by a choice of seminars on a variety of topics ranging from emotional intelligence to business etiquette to creating a personal brand.

Among the morning speakers was nationally known motivational speaker Donna Tyson, who talked about how to best handle a career on the upswing and survive any crash that might follow after reaching a high point or suffering a crisis.

"When you're cresting," she said, "be in a state of gratitude. Send a thank-you note to someone every single day."

Tyson also suggested keeping a journal, which can help pinpoint strengths and determine patterns over time, and an "idea box" where great ideas can be stored until there's time to use them.

"When you crash and have no clue what to do, there's a starting point," she said.

To survive a crash, Tyson said, people should simplify their lives, be grateful for what they have and not think that the current situation is the end of the world.

"When you rebuild," she said, "you'll find people and things will come into your life that you never thought possible."

Following lunch, Germanna Community College Dean Martha O'Keefe received the Patricia Lacey Metzger Award. It honors those who "uphold high standards in their personal and professional lives while fulfilling a career goal of significant nature."

O'Keefe, 54, is dean of workforce and professional development at the Germanna Center for Workforce and Community Education. She has held the position for 11 years.

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