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Author pursues her passion, follows heart page 3
After a career of writing books-and an unfortunate set of circumstances-successful author Candice Ransom writes for herself for the first time

 After 30 years of writing nonfiction, author and Spotsylvania resident Candice Ransom now pens for herself.
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Date published: 11/11/2012


"We definitely hear more of Candice's voice" in the new books, said Rebecca Purdy, coordinator of children's services for the Central Rappahannock Regional Library. "I know [Rebel] is semi-autobiographical, and that's part of what makes it such a strong read. It's a very personal book."

Ransom set the novel about Rebel in Frog Level and entered her in a beauty contest sponsored by the fire department. Mirroring her own life, she gave Rebel a young nephew and a big sister who studied cosmetology.

Hot-dog spaghetti with a little sugar on top was a favorite, both in Rebel's family and Ransom's.

But there is one interesting difference between Rebel and Ransom.

For the talent portion of the pageant, Rebel chugged a little RC Cola and burped her way through the 13 colonies.

"I can't do the 13 colonies," Ransom confessed, "but at one time, I got through most of the alphabet."

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Candice Ransom knows she's got some explaining to do when she says she wants to be like a buzzard.

She spent several years researching the birds for a book and found them quite enchanting. She ordered license tags with "BUZARD" and subscribed to what she calls the Turkey Buzzard School of Writing.

She doesn't want her work to read like the buzzard on the ground: ungainly, clumsy, busily doing its job. She aspires to be "the turkey buzzard in the sky, soaring effortlessly with scarcely a wing flap."