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VDOT needs to fix K.G. intersection correctly

Date published: 11/11/2012

VDOT needs to fix K.G. intersection correctly

Regarding the intersection of State Route 206 with Owens and Windsor drives: Yes, this intersection has safety issues, but will VDOT make the intersection more dangerous? If the primary purpose of this project is to improve traffic flow by constructing left- and right-turn lanes from State Route 206 (Dahlgren Road) onto State Route 218 (Windsor Drive) and State Route 624 (Owens Drive), it seems VDOT's No. 1 priority is to get traffic through the intersection faster, not more safely!

With the acquisition of the 29 parcels, VDOT will be able to construct turn lanes. How will these help traffic on Owens and Windsor drives waiting to turn onto or across Dahlgren Road?

And, please don't forget our schoolchildren and buses. Many buses navigate this intersection during the busiest times of the day. With traffic able to move faster, is sitting in a turn lane, or crossing more lanes of traffic, safer?

The millions of dollars to be spent on this intersection could be better utilized. This particular intersection is no worse than the rest of Route 206 (no shoulders, narrow lanes, poor drainage, etc.). The Dahlgren Road intersection with the most accidents is with Indiantown Road (Route 610), not the intersection with Owens and Windsor drives.

It appears the issue here is VDOT spending federal funding it has received. The money can be used only for this project or it must be returned. The plans provided by VDOT thus far show poor design and little thought. As daily users of this intersection, we think VDOT must take another approach to improving the intersection.

If VDOT cannot produce a more suitable design, focusing on safety while minimizing the impact on property owners and businesses in the area, the federal funds should be returned and the intersection left as is.

The people of King George County are tired of VDOT saying, "It meets VDOT standards and guidelines." The proposed improvements do not meet King George County residents' standards for safety. Fix the problem correctly; don't just spend money because it is available!

John and Gloria Robinett


This letter was also signed by other employees of Burgess Hauling & Excavating Inc. in King George.