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Two new retail shops have opened in downtown Culpeper.

 Ashlie Frazier is the co-owner of Unique Boutique, a clothing store emphasizing affordable prices. Much of the store's inventory consists of overstocked items from wholesalers.
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Date published: 11/11/2012


Many come from small independents, such as the trio of University of Georgia fraternity brothers who came up with a men's cologne called Moonshine. It comes in a flask-like glass bottle and the company describes the scent as a blend of forest, black pepper, tobacco, leather--and gin.

"We really wanted to focus on men because there's a little bit of a gap [in that area] in Culpeper," Shrewsbury said.

Other items are more mainstream. They include Minnesota-based Red Wing Heritage shoes and products from Jacob Bromwell, an Arizona company that has been manufacturing chestnut roasters and flour sifters since 1819.

"Our goal is to have something from every state," Shrewsbury said. "We're not there yet, but that's our goal."

Unique Boutique takes a totally different approach. Its emphasis isn't on where its clothing comes from, but on the price.

Owners Corey and Ashlie Frazier have three young daughters, and know how hard it can be for families to buy clothing and stick within their budgets.

They're able to keep the prices on their women's and girls' fashions low because they buy from wholesalers who sell overstock from stores in California. The most expensive item they carry is a pair of women's shoes that costs $39. Winter coats are just $28 to $32.

"They're very fashionable," said Ashlie Frazier, who on Monday was wearing an outfit selected from her boutique.

It consisted of a black wool jacket over a purple knit top, black leggings and a pair of jeweled ballerina flats. The total cost, she said, was $65.

The Fraziers spent 10 days transforming what had been a spa into Unique Boutique. The space consists of several rooms with large windows overlooking East Davis Street, and a roomy dressing area complete with multiple mirrors and a sofa.

Ashlie Frazier orders new stock every Sunday, and posts a "sneak peek" to the store's Facebook page on Monday. She'll be offering discounts on purchases during downtown Culpeper's holiday open house Nov. 18.

"It's really cool," said Corey Frazier, "to bring an idea to life."

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