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Election over: Big tasks loom for government

Date published: 11/12/2012

Election over: Big tasks loom for government

The election is over and some will say that the right man won and some will say the wrong man won. But now we must try and heal the division in this country and become a great nation again. I didn't vote for Obama this time around, but I am praying that he will do what he has promised.

I also pray that the White House, Senate, and House work together to stop the overspending, to pass a balanced budget, to lower our debt, and to reform entitlement programs. Reform welfare. Create jobs that people need. Enforce immigration laws. Bring businesses back to our country. Rein in China's monopoly on our country and its goods.

If Obama can't do this in four years, the Democrats may not get another chance in 2016.

Donna Harbaugh

Colonial Beach