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Renovate Stafford High

Date published: 11/15/2012

Renovate Stafford High

Spend wisely and invest in our teachers instead of new buildings, especially when it means tearing down a building that was built approximately 40 years ago.

It will cost taxpayers millions, yet that building could be renovated at a fraction of the price of a new building.

We should build a new building, when the county's population warrants it, at the recently purchased 100-acre-plus site in South Stafford.

The current Stafford High building still meets today's needs. The Alvin Bandy building at Stafford Courthouse, where my mother graduated and I also attended, has been renovated numerous times and is now used by the Stafford School Board and community services.

Thank you, Mr. Milde, for your conservative wisdom and for looking out for the best interest of Stafford residents during tough times.

I hope board members will strongly consider taking this to a referendum.

Jo D. Knight