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Orange officials approve rezoning page 2
Orange OKs retail nursery, commercial rezoning

Date published: 11/16/2012


The board also voted 4-0 to grant Bernard and Carolyn Langhorne's request to rezone their property at 21143 Constitution Highway from limited residential to general commercial so a concrete-block can be used for a two-bay auto repair facility. The Langhornes' attorney, Helen Marmoll, noted that the building was previously an auto repair shop.

"The building," Marmoll said, "is not suitable for residential, and the land is not suitable for agricultural. Technically, there is no way to use this property without getting it rezoned."

The lone speaker at the public hearing, next-door neighbor Michael Bober, supported the rezoning.

To address county staff's concerns, Marmoll proffered that the property would not be used as an office building, place of worship, restaurant or convenience store.

Frame moved to table the request until the proffers were received in writing, but his motion failed to receive a second. Frame abstained from the vote to approve the rezoning.

In other action, the supervisors unanimously voted to support a joint Planning District 9 resolution to continue a ban on uranium mining in the commonwealth. The Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission is expected to consider such a resolution at its Dec. 12 meeting.

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