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November's reality check stunned us

Date published: 11/21/2012

November's reality check stunned us

The election was a reality check for many of us. When the Obama campaign rolled out "Life of Julia," a montage of scenes from the life of a single woman married to the State, we laughed. We said, women do not want to be dependent on a nanny state to provide for their every need and quality of life. Except millions of young women voters replied, "Yes, we do!"

When we argued that young people would not accept more debt and a growing deficit because it would make us no better than Greece or Zimbabwe, millions replied, "So what if that happens? It's only fair."

When we claimed that millions of Hispanics would vote for a stable, more economically robust country, remembering the failed states they left behind, they pushed back with "We want benefits and a safety net above all."

When we pointed out that an Obama re-election would mean more restrictions on fossil fuels and a huge increase in the price of energy, the majority said, "So what, as long as Mother Gaia is happy."

Many of us did not know our own country and how much it had changed. We do now.

Paul S. Cariker