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I'm shopping my values this Christmas

Date published: 11/21/2012

I'm shopping my values this Christmas

I was looking at the newspaper and saw all the Veterans Day ads from stores: "Thank you, vets," "Welcome back," and so on. Then I thought for a moment and realized those stores also wish America a happy birthday on the Fourth of July.

Then I asked myself why hardly any stores wish Jesus happy birthday on Christmas or even say "Merry Christmas"--or even close Christmas Day to allow workers to spend time with their families?

The reason is clear: so as not to offend somebody who isn't a Christian. Well, as a Christian, I am offended by them making money off Christmas while in most stores the words "Merry Christmas" are never heard or seen.

So this year I will follow what the NAACP would do in a case like this. I will boycott any store that does not share my values, and I would hope that all other Christians will do the same. This is the first step in saving our country and beliefs.

Make the businesses that we deal with either share or at least respect our values, and we can protest them next year if this doesn't work. We on the right need to learn from the left about boycotts, protests, and sit-ins for what we believe in.

There is a war on American values, and it is time we fight back.

Kirk Byers