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A father's grief

November 22, 2012 12:10 am

A father's grief

Once a father had a most beautiful and perfect child. She had everything any father could ever give. She had wealth her pockets were filled with riches. She was dressed in the finest of clothing. She had all the delicious things in the world to eat, and, as much as she could ever desire.

Around her feet pure water swirled and she could splash and play freely. There was never any danger, for she stayed close to the father and he protected her. He walked with her to school and when she did her chores and when she went to church. She obeyed what he told her to do, and he just kept heaping gifts upon her.

Enemies would come only so close, and then she would run into the arms of her father. At times he would call upon others to willingly help fight the battle, and then the enemy and the fear would be turned away. The child laughed beautifully and the songs she sang were broadcast around the world.

And then one day, who knows at what age, the child began to change. She decided that the father did not need to walk with her to school or as she went about her chores or even to church. The beautiful clothing she cast aside with no concern. She began to throw trash and filth on top of the clothing.

She still went to school, but she paid no attention that what she was being taught was not the truth. She gave her body to be used by others in a way that was not honorable to the father. Around her, others were doing the same and no one seemed to care. The enemies had no one to fight them and they slowly overcame her.

The laughter and the songs became hollow and empty and no one listened to them. Her eyes seldom looked up to see where the father was waiting waiting for her to come back.

The father is still heard crying for his child to return to him.

And the child's name is America.

Maryella Reed


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