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Meeting set for Dahlgren project
King George supervisors plan meeting with VDOT officials Monday about modifications to the intersection at Route 206 and Owens Drive

Date published: 11/24/2012


For seven months, King George County residents have asked state officials to keep safety--and common sense--in mind as they design a road project near Dahlgren.

On Monday, residents will see the latest modifications made to the proposed project at the intersection of State Route 206 and Owens Drive.

King George supervisors have a work session with Virginia Department of Transportation officials at 5:30 p.m. in the board room of the Revercomb Administration Center.

VDOT officials are supposed to present their latest drawings for the intersection.

The highway department has proposed adding left- and right-turn lanes onto Owens and Windsor drives to make the commute quicker for motorists coming to and from the Navy base at Dahlgren.

Supervisor Ruby Brabo, whose district includes the intersection, had made it clear she doesn't support the proposal.

She's spent months researching the history of the project and offering other alternatives, including a traffic light or roundabout.

Several times during meetings, she's read written reports about her findings that lasted 15 or 20 minutes.

She's also read letters from residents, such as one from Jim Ramsbotham, who said the additional lanes "will pose a serious safety hazard."

Supervisor Chairman Cedell Brooks Jr. said last month Brabo had done everything she could, except stand in front of the bulldozers to prevent the work.

Last week, he said he was looking forward to the Monday work session "and seeing what we can accomplish."

Residents first started complaining about the proposal in the spring.

Residents and businesses along Route 206 were upset because the project took away so much of their land for right-of-way easements.

After those concerns were raised, VDOT scaled back the turn lanes so less property would be required.

Then, as Brabo in particular started questioning various aspects of the project, including the type of accidents at the intersection and the average speed of motorists, VDOT officials offered to revise plans again.

Those revisions are what will be presented Monday.

"If you do have a concern about this project, I highly encourage you to be here Monday," Brabo told the audience at last Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting.

Brooks reminded her that, because it's a work session, there won't be an opportunity for residents to express their opinions.

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