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America is a melting pot, and voted that way

Date published: 11/25/2012

America is a melting pot, and voted that way

Since Election Day, talking heads on the radio and certain television stations have implied that African-Americans and Hispanics re-elected President Obama to a second term.

Comments such as these are meant to fuel hatred and antagonize a select group, and to foster resentment and hatred toward a designated group of people.

Unfortunately for them, the ballots that tipped the scales for Obama were multicultural. Voters from different races, gender, age, economic status, and education levels considered the state of the country. They did not want their country back, they wanted to back the country.

The voters in Southern states chose not the incumbent, but voted with their hearts and not in their own best interests.

Voting for Mitt doesn't make one a racist. There were people who truly believed what he had to offer. It's the 10 percent filled with hate who will never be convinced that America is indeed a true melting pot.

Continue feeding the beast and I promise you, the beast will ultimately digest you. In 2016 we can feel comfortable about the candidates we will vote for, regardless of political party.

Being the first-ever anything, as it relates to race or gender in this era, is passe.

To the voters for a better America, you should be commended!

Bud Jones