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UMW is becoming like the other cash-gobblers

Date published: 11/25/2012

UMW is becoming like the other cash-gobblers

What a shame that UMW, after seven years of rudderless leadership, seems to be turning into the sort of cash-gobbling education factory to which it was once the anti-thesis. Should the board of visitors cut studio art or philosophy, there will be no mention of the premature leap to university status, or the blockbuster construction and renovation projects that outpaced genuine growth.

My four years at UMW were special in spite of the monstrous trailer that still blights the Westmoreland lawn, or the assorted contortions of campus walk necessitated by the cranes and bulldozers. Current students can look forward to further displacement of classes with the razing of Chandler Hall: Unfortunately for the board of visitors, the building houses psychology and business administration; were it Italian or art history, they might kill two birds with one stone.

This project, among others, is representative of the current administration's condescending belief that students won't notice drastic reductions in the quality of their education if they are placated by a new game room or improved dining facilities. Prove them wrong, UMW.

Nathan Strobel