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Hold everyone to the same high standards

Date published: 11/26/2012

Hold everyone to the same high standards

Over the past year, we have listened to the president and the would-be president prevaricate (a polite word for "lie") on a regular basis, in speeches, during debates, and in commercial messages carried in every form of media.

Now hear from many politicians, pundits, and citizens that we should forgive senior military officers their marital transgressions and allow them to continue serving when caught, just as we do for presidents who cheat on their wives.

Since the soldiers, sailors, and airmen serving our great country should not be subjected to more stringent ethical standards than their leadership, perhaps we should now make it clear that, henceforth, lying is acceptable, adultery is permissible, and violations of oaths of office and other vows will be overlooked. We could even use the ethical standards of Congress as a model for the revised Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The alternative would be to hold the commander in chief and every general officer to the same standards as we hold the lowliest private serving his country, although this would be a precedent-setting action.

Gary Van de Putte