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GOP learned nothing

Date published: 11/29/2012

GOP learned nothing

The election loss for Republicans is a win for our country, just as it was in 2008. History showed within Obama's first six months in office that he was the best choice. Republicans tried to shove Sarah Palin down our throats: She was unable to name one newspaper that she read, and could only memorize catch phrases for the vice presidential debate because she was unable to learn national concepts.

The party didn't learn from 2008. Romney's choice of Ryan was a slap in the face to every minority in our country and reflected a party oblivious to change. The Republican convention audience reflected the same lack of color that previous conventions showed. That lack of color also reflected a lack of ideas and foresight.

This is why the Romney folks listened primarily to Fox News instead of opening their minds. Competent sources might have showed them they couldn't win with closed-minded tactics. How can we elect such shortsighted thinkers to lead our country? How can they speak to world leaders when they stick their heads in the sand and don't have real conversations with people in our country?

President Obama didn't win because of his color. He won because he understands what people feel when they have to get food stamps, work double shifts, or apply for student loans, and he works to help us achieve our goals.

How could we elect someone who writes off half of the population? Worse, how could we elect someone who would say absolutely anything just to win?

Thank you, FLS, for having the guts to endorse Obama ["We endorse " Nov. 6].

Carolyn Jenkins