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Let's get clear on secession

Date published: 11/29/2012

Let's get clear on secession

The grass-roots movement to secede is not about the last election. The call to state secession, state sovereignty, and nullification of unlawful mandates is about restoring lawful government in America.

Our present system of government appears powerless to curtail the fraud, waste, spending, theft, corruption, and deception that prevails. It is a government that can no longer be trusted to defend our fundamental rights or protect our right to economic stability and prosperity.

The Constitution guarantees every state a republican form of government. Don't confuse the term "republic" with the puppets, actors, and dirty politics that make up the Republican Party. A self-governing free republic bears certain characteristics: officials elected by the people; power derived from the consent of the people; limited and definite terms of service; and accountability to the people.

Considering that there are 2.15 million people in federal government and that only 550 or so are elected, our "government" consists mostly of nonelected, unaccountable individuals who enjoy indefinite terms of service and who feel no loyalty to protecting the rights and economic security of Americans.

The will of the people is drowned out by the millions of international banks and corporations that have grown up around a central banking system, and government has become infiltrated with the darkened souls of the war profiteering industry made powerful by never-ending wars.

The call to secede is not a call to secede from America or from other states, but a demand to utilize the right to secession and nullification to re-establish truth, justice, and freedom in our nation.

Anna Yeisley