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Where are Caroline Street lights of years past?

Date published: 11/30/2012

When I first moved to Fredericksburg in 1999, I remember driving my kids down Caroline Street at Christmastime so they could enjoy the lights in the trees, and the way it made downtown look like a joyous Christmas wonderland.

Today, you would be hard-pressed to find the same spirit at night downtown. Oh, sure, there are lights on the lamp posts, and a few other decorations around, but they are largely washed out by the street lights and other lights near ground level.

The beautiful canopy of lights strung in the branches of the trees that line Caroline Steet used to light up downtown, leaving no doubt that Christmas was near. Now it's hardly brighter than nighttime any other time of year.

What happened to our beautiful Christmas lights? Did the Grinch visit downtown? Did City Council decide to save on the labor and electrical bills by not stringing up the lights?

As a pilot I visit cities around the globe, and while many have beautiful Christmas displays, it was always nice coming home to my own town where the Christmas cheer lit the night. Now I wonder where that small-town cheer has gone.

Bring back the lights! Call your City Council representative. If we can spend tens of millions on a new courthouse, surely we can afford Christmas lights!

Brett Anderson