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After almost 30 years of married and military life, two Army colonels are giddy with excitement as they get ready for the first home of their own

 In three decades of military service, Kari and Michael Everett always lived in rental or military housing. Now they are watching their first home be built at the Amelia Square development in Fredericksburg.
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Date published: 12/2/2012


They wanted real fireplaces, not gas ones, as well as an outside fireplace on the fourth-floor balcony.

Michael's "man cave" will take up the whole top floor, and Kari will have the kitchen she has always wanted, with Bosch appliances, an island in the middle and a stove with five burners so she can cook to her Italian heart's desire.

She'll have windows in the closets because she likes natural light, and he'll have the heated floors he enjoyed overseas.

"It's kind of neat to see what they've drawn upon," said Gay, the builder. "They'll have a real historically accurate brownstone on the outside and some real modern amenities on the inside."

The Everetts plan to enjoy a lot of sunsets from their balcony, and believe its fourth-story location will give them optimum views.

They also look forward to the day when they can walk, shop and dine downtown after they move in, perhaps by April 1.

Until then, they'll monitor the progress of their first home from the comfort of plastic chairs.

"Not many people get to see their house built," Michael said.

Kari added: "Not many people get to see their dreams built."

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