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Local librarian shares timely tips

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Date published: 12/3/2012


Heaven easily convinces Iva's mother that Iva should attend vacation church school, which will definitely cut into her gold-digging time. Making matters worse, Heaven is also stealing the affections of Iva's best friend, Mrs. Compton. All of these distractions divert Iva's attention from her initial purpose, but it turns out that's OK. Iva realizes that going after the gold alone isn't as easy or as glamorous as she originally thought, and that even an annoying, mouth-breathing cousin can become a friend. Ransom has created a cast of delightfully eccentric characters, but my favorite is definitely Iva's youngest sister, Lily Pearl. She wears Halloween costumes year-round or sometimes, when she becomes a character she calls "Naked Witch," simply a rhinestone bracelet.

New York Times best-selling author and University of Mary Washington graduate Maggie Stiefvater's latest title, "The Raven Boys," has broad appeal for a variety of teen interests. Told in alternating viewpoints, it's part mystery, romance and supernatural fantasy. Blue ignores boys because she is the opposite of Prince Charming. Instead of saving her true love with a kiss, she has been told that her kiss is deadly. Enter temptation in the handsome form of Gansey, a Raven Boy from the exclusive Aglionby Academy. As they embark on a quest, Blue is overshadowed by more than her attraction to Gansey. The fact that she saw his spirit among those destined to die during the upcoming year looms over her and she can't help but wonder if it's her kiss that kills him.

Rebecca Purdy is coordinator of children's services for Central Rappahannock Regional Library. Phone her at 540/372-1160 or Email her at
Email: rpurdy@crrl.org.

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