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Why is Cole stuck on anti-voting legislation?

Date published: 12/5/2012

Why is Cole stuck on anti-voting legislation?

Good gracious, didn't Del. Mark Cole of Spotsylvania learn anything about voters in the last election? He has sponsored a bill in an obvious attempt to make voting more difficult for the old, the poor, minorities, and college kids ["Cole bill reduces types of voter ID," Nov. 24].

It won't stop them. It will only make them more determined to vote.

The Democrats out-organized their opponents in the 2012 election and will do so again. Del. Cole surely knows that there was no basis for this legislation and it will do nothing to eliminate voter fraud, which is practically nonexistent in Virginia.

He says he wants to "pare down the list a bit." Well, we know what list he means! Del. Cole would do better working to make his party more responsive to the needs of those voters he would like to disenfranchise.

Ronald A. Apter