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Movies still playing in the Fredericksburg area
Movies still playing in the Fredericksburg area

 No, it's not an ad for Abercrombie & Fitch. Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson and Connor Cruise man up for 'Red Dawn.'
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Date published: 12/6/2012

HHH "ARGO" (R) This retelling of a plan to get hidden hostages out of Iran--with agents posing as a Canadian film crew making a sci-fi film--is perfectly paced and grippingly told, the best film of the year so far. Rated R for language and violent images. 120 min. [PV]

HHH "END OF WATCH" (R) This tale of two L.A. policeman struggling to make a difference is compelling, though you have to put up with shaky "found footage" from a camera one wears for his own documentary. Rated R for strong violence, some disturbing images, pervasive language including sexual references, and some drug use. 109 min. [RA, RF]

HH "FLIGHT" (R) Denzel Washington makes this interesting as a pilot who saves a crashing plane, but his character's descent into alcoholism is just dull. Rated R for drug and alcohol abuse, language, sexuality/nudity and an intense action sequence. 138 min. [RF]

HHH "LIFE OF PI" (PG) Only the ending--which will leave some scratching their heads--takes the glow from this stunning visual achievement from director Ang Lee about a young man's ordeal adrift with a Bengal tiger. Rated PG for emotional thematic content throughout, and some scary action sequences and peril. 125 min. [MC, RA, RF]

HHH "LINCOLN" (PG-13) Daniel Day-Lewis delivers a definitive and inspiring portrayal of Abraham Lincoln as he works to pass the amendment abolishing slavery. Though it's slow and talky at times, a great cast and the subject matter make it impressive. Rated PG-13 for an intense scene of war violence, images of carnage and brief strong language. 149 min. [MC, PV, RA]

H "RED DAWN" (PG-13) Get 10 minutes into this tale of American occupation by the North Koreans and you'll all be asking the same question: "Why remake this film if it's this lame?" The action's bigger but the result's laughable at times, despite trying to be serious. Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense war violence and action, and language. 93 min. [MC, PV, RA]

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