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Jury suggests five years for Bumpass man
A Louisa jury recommends a five-year prison sentence for a Bumpass man accused of beating his tenant

Date published: 12/6/2012


A Louisa County jury recommended a five-year prison term for a Bumpass man who brutally beat his tenant in 2010, and offered her free rent in exchange for not testifying against him.

William Lloyd Henry, 50, was convicted late Monday night of felonious assault in Louisa Circuit Court.

He will be formally sentenced on Feb. 5.

The victim, a female roommate who was paying him rent to stay at his home, testified that Henry severely beat her and stomped on her with his foot while she was on the ground in February 2010.

She said the injuries she received in the beating resulted in surgery that required numerous staples and have left a permanent scar.

Louisa Commonwealth's Attorney Rusty McGuire said Henry had been charged in this incident before, but the charges were dropped because the victim wouldn't testify.

"She admitted she was reluctant to testify because Mr. Henry provided her rent-free accommodations in exchange for her silence," McGuire said. "Her previous silence required the commonwealth to suspend charges against Mr. Henry. However, [Monday], she broke her silence."

Henry was also convicted of perjury and forgery during a Louisa bench trial on Oct. 24.

McGuire said Henry had been charged in other matters over the years and always applied for court-appointed counsel. However, he failed to mention that he owns his house outright or had rental income.

Since he obtained court-appointed counsel based on his perjured representations and forged his application, he was charged with four counts of forgery and two counts of perjury after an investigation by Louisa authorities.

Henry is scheduled to be sentenced on those charges on Dec. 27 and faces 42 years in prison.

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