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Wait a minute: AP says Israel is the problem?

Date published: 12/7/2012

Wait a minute: AP says Israel is the problem?

I just picked up The Free Lance-Star ["Israel, Hamas truce not near," Nov. 20] and read the lead story about how Israel has attacked Palestinian territory, killing civilians and pushing a military campaign that, until I get nearly halfway into the story, appears virtually unprovoked.

While I understand the need to buy wire stories, this one from AP, I am astonished that the FLS would print a piece that characterized Israel as a bellicose nation bent on pummeling the poor Palestinians, ignoring the fact that Hamas purposely locates its facilities close to civilians in the hope that Israeli retaliation will kill them.

Even in the body of the story, references to Hamas' rocket attacks on Israeli cities are so soft-pedaled as to almost seem "alleged" rather than a fact of life for the million Israelis living in shelters. At one point, the number of rockets is cited as 100, ignoring the fact that this is closer to one day's launches, not the nearly 1,000 total rockets launched in the past few weeks. It also ignores Hamas' use of long-range rockets reaching Israel's largest, most densely populated, cities.

The Free Lance-Star can do better.

Barry Schaeffer