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Skill will trump sweat in robotic workplace page 2
Tech Toys column

Date published: 12/8/2012


We just have to get ready in the next few years to provide workers with the skills necessary to make it pay off and reverse the tide of outsourcing. If we take the right steps in terms of training, the tide coming in could become a tsunami.

Part of the skills gap that's seeing 3 million jobs unfilled in this country is attributed by some manufacturers to young people not being anxious to train for these jobs. They think of them as being the same kind of mind-numbing factory assembly-line work their grandparents did. They are not. And Apple's return may be just what's needed to drive that point home.

Maybe, just maybe, the iPhone 7 or 8 will be made in America. Some components already are. Maybe more can be.

And if a future iPhone is assembled by robots, that's great--as long as the robots themselves are designed, made and maintained by American workers.

Cynics say this is merely a PR move by Apple. Even if it is, it could be an opportunity for us to turn it into much more than that.

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