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Firm securing its place as major security player page 2
A Fredericksburg-based security company has teamed up with a Canadian firm to offer high-tech surveillance to clients.

 NPS will provide clients with video surveillance from its Spotsylvania County monitoring center.
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Date published: 12/9/2012


SNAP Security, based in the Canadian province of Alberta, came up with VSaas after the launch of the iPhone. That, said CEO Kurt Menzies, was a "game changer" because video could now be sent to relatively inexpensive mobile devices instead of the costly ones that its military and government clients in Canada and the United States had been using.

"That was the open door," said Menzies at NPS' open house. "We thought, 'Let's do something different.'"

His company decided to concentrate on the private sector and began partnering with other security companies in January to offer VSaas to clients. By the end of this year, there will be 20 in the United States alone. He said he chose NPS because it has a proven track record, solid base of customers and long-standing relationship with its community.

"If they can do that with their current technology, they will have a home run with this program," Menzies said.

NPS has already begun designing and installing video surveillance systems for some of its existing clients. They sign a monthly subscription that locks in one price for at least three years.

That way they don't have to shell out thousands up front for equipment, and they know exactly how much they'll be paying for a predetermined period, Sutton said.

"At several apartment complexes where clients had a standing guard, we were able to take the exact same budget and lock in the cost for next three years," Sutton said.

Among those who are getting VSaas is The Beatty Companies, which owns Greenbrier Shopping Center on State Route 3 in Fredericksburg. It wanted to ensure that tenants and patrons "enjoy a safe shopping environment," said Janet M. Bahmer, Beatty's director of leasing and marketing.

Clients also can use NPS' new service for such things as monitoring staff, checking inventory and for training purposes. Another company has even used it to find a young child who went missing in a large crowd, Sutton said.

The software was specifically programmed to look for someone 3 feet tall wearing blue pants and brown sneakers. Anyone who didn't meet that description vanished from the screen.

"They found him in about seven minutes," Sutton said. "He'd just wandered off, but in this day and age, gone is not good."

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