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A different EMT experience in Stafford

Date published: 12/9/2012

A different EMT experience in Stafford

I recently laid to rest my husband of 55 years. After having been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and severe lung disease, he passed away at home quietly during the night. When I read the letter from Patricia Aubert regarding the response from Spotsylvania Rescue ["Why the hyper response from Spotsy rescue?" Dec. 5] on a similar issue, I had to write my view of the experience I had in Stafford.

When I called 911 the morning he passed away and explained what had happened, the Stafford EMTs and deputies came to my home. Each member and deputy first expressed their sorrow at my loss and were very respectful while explaining what they had to do because my husband had died at home. The EMTs called his doctor as he had an appointment that morning, called my church, asked the appropriate questions, and left after determining there was nothing else they could do for me.

I cannot find the words express my thanks to the Stafford deputies for their caring attitude, professionalism, and for remaining there until the funeral director, my family, and representatives from my church had arrived. My family and I thank you, Stafford County EMTs and Sheriff's Office, for making a very difficult day a little easier.

Carolyn Crosen