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Don't ruin the bedtime story with technology

December 10, 2012 12:11 am

Don't ruin the bedtime story with technology

Even the thought of "Goodnight Moon" on a downloaded smartphone lulling a small child to sleep stands as technology's worst abuse ["Banish bedtime story boredom," Dec. 3].

As a parent and grandparent who has spent many rewarding hours over the years recounting not only this tale (with illustrations), but many other classic books to weary, perhaps cranky small children in need of physical touch and total commitment from a loved parent or grandparent, I am not just appalled, but angry that the needs of children could be so crassly ignored.

Beside the abundance of illustrated books to stretch the young imagination, I added my own, a series of self-created tales, usually having one central character to tie night to night. The bonus of an original tale is that it can go on forever, and it is remembered into adulthood.

The obscene effect of the downloaded story is that it is another electronic device that now consumes, sadly, too many hours of even small children's lives. Soon, the parent will be obsolete--just click a button, day or night, and entertainment, instruction, recorded praise or criticism will take over parental responsibilities.

The child will suffer, but the loss will also be the parents'.

Judith Murray

Locust Grove

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