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Thank you for the most meaningful gift

Date published: 12/11/2012

Thank you for the most meaningful gift

This is a thank-you note for persons unknown but suspected. Maybe, it is also an idea for others. Last year, 12 days before Christmas, I found a gift at my back door. Thinking it was cookies, I opened it right up. It was a manger. Puzzled, I put it aside.

Next morning, lo and behold, there was a lamb. Next, a donkey. Now getting the message, I started each day looking for the next arrival. The baby Jesus arrived Christmas morning. This Nativity is the most beautiful and meaningful gift I have ever received. It was also the most fun. It has stayed on display all year and gives me joy every time I look at it. So, thank you, to my gift-givers. I love you all.

Roberta Lockard

King George