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Coyotes are killing deer, turkeys, and more

Date published: 12/12/2012

Coyotes are killing deer, turkeys, and more

As many farmers and sportsmen have experienced, wild coyotes have diminished the populations of other wildlife, such as deer, turkeys, and rabbits.

A short time ago, I could traverse our farm and see many deer, turkeys, and rabbits. Since coyotes were detected on the farm, I have not seen a deer or a turkey, and only a couple of rabbits.

We need to do everything possible to eliminate this sad situation. We need research, legislation, regulations, and enforcement to rid our precious land of this horrendous problem.

For example, hunters should be reminded that coyotes are a nuisance species that can legally be taken at any time. Predators need to be controlled, as does the taking of game.

James A. Slater

King George