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Control spending to avoid heading over the fiscal cliff

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Date published: 12/14/2012

Control spending to avoid heading over the fiscal cliff

For the remainder of this month and possibly into the new year, we are going to be witnesses of the Kabuki theater that passes for Congress. Democrats and Republicans will dance around each other in an effort to do something to stave off or possibly reverse the pending "fiscal cliff."

We need to remember that Congress--Democrats and Republicans--created this cliff through their inability to set aside their political differences and make an honest bipartisan effort to resolve the fiscal difficulties facing this nation.

During the last five years of economic downturn, lost jobs, slow economic growth, and diminished earnings, anyone who has had to manage a household fully understands that in order to pay the mortgage, utility bills, school lunch fees, sports participation fees, or college tuition, household spending must be reduced. If you control spending, in most cases you can weather the economic storm. Is it tough? Absolutely. But it is possible.

This common-sense understanding seems so difficult for the Congress to understand. Tax rate increases are being pushed by President Obama and Democrats as the priority. While they say that spending cuts will be addressed at a later date, taxes have to be raised first.

Nonsense: Both increasing revenues and spending cuts must be addressed at the same time. Delaying spending cuts means they won't be addressed at all.

Both sides must set aside rhetoric and participate to stop the nation from careening over the fiscal cliff.

K.A. Knowles