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Why all the drug ads?

Date published: 12/14/2012

Why all the drug ads?

The Obama administration always talks about how Americans need to be healthier, yet they allow so many drug companies to flood television stations with their commercials. It's almost like a brainwashing. If you have this or that, ask your doctor for this medicine, but, by the way, it can cause coma and death.

Children hear these commercials. Prescription drug use is very high among teenagers and even adults. Tobacco and alcohol commercials are no longer allowed on television but for years there have been more and more drug commercials.

Yes, some medicines are needed, but your doctor should decide what you need. These medicines shouldn't be advertised to the public on television.

We are teaching our youths the wrong thing. They chop up pills at parties and take them. Millions of people are prescribed addictive medicines without trying alternative methods first.

If the Obama administration is so concerned about America's health, it should stop these drug commercials, let doctors decide what their patients need, and prevent the children from seeing these millions of drug commercials all the time as they watch TV.

Even President Clinton was on CNN the other night with a doctor talking about the prescription epidemic in this country and how so many people are accidentally overdosing. Anyone can find a symptom he has and think he needs a pill.

Carole Watkins