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Don't sweat the small stuff at Christmas time

Date published: 12/14/2012

Don't sweat the small stuff at Christmas time

With the first jingle of bells come the inevitable hurt feelings because someone is wished "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." Forgotten in all this is that if it were not for Easter, there would be no celebration of Christmas, and one might argue even Pentecost is more important as a Christian holiday.

And what's so merry about Christmas? A virgin discovers she has conceived; her fiance knows the child is most certainly not his. Scandal is averted, but due to the greed for more tax revenue for a far-off tyrant, she is forced to make a long, dangerous journey in an advanced stage of pregnancy, ultimately having to deliver among the filth and squalor of livestock.

Then the murderous intent of yet another tyrant forces her, barely postpartum, to become an illegal alien in a strange land, while meanwhile, back home, untold numbers of innocent children are slaughtered to assuage paranoia.

How did we get from such a sobering tale to the commercialized spending spree we now know as Christmas? Perhaps if Christmas were celebrated only in churches and private homes, it would become more of a "holy night" than it is now. At least, perhaps, offended sensibilities could be avoided.

Don Bley