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Date published: 12/17/2012


Top fifth-grade girls--Marina White, Ainsley Griffin, Amelia Milliard, Chloe Oliver, Ava Baugh, Amber Meade, Ella Hovey, Kaytlynn Scites, Alexis Garciaguirre, Darrah Rutherford

Top fifth-grade boys--Josh Staggers, Marcos Gonzalez, Ivan Torres, Ric Anthony Molinar, Chris Jones Jr., John Trodden, Richard Weathers, Will Patchel, Tyler Hunt.

--Sally Moore

Rockhill Elementary

Kindergarten teacher Teri Willis earned a pin for 15 years of service to Stafford County Public Schools.

The following students are winners in the fifth-grade Math Problem Solving Challenge for November:

First place--Noah Hernandez

Second place--Jillian Brence, Meghan Brown, Emily Hayward, Christopher Kushner, Matthew Mooney, Aiden Stevens, Jason Wilkie

Third place--Alexandra Barch, Tyler Cornwell, Mason Oberle, Abby Sussman, Caroline Watts

Winners for the fourth-grade Math Problem Solving Challenge for November include:

First place--Avalea Taylor

Second place--Emily McHugh, Bradley Zendek

Third place--Joshua Bretzing, Erin McDonald, Daniel Taylor, Nicholas Woods.

--Pat Johnston

Widewater Elementary

The schoolwide Spelling Bee was held recently, with results were as follows:

First place--Tia Eyio-wuawi, fifth grade

Second place--Adam Echane, fifth grade

Third place--Taylor Buckles, fifth grade

Tia Eyiowuawi and Adam Echane will represent Widewater in January at the county spelling bee.

--Nancy Brothers

Gayle Middle

The eighth-grade Leadership Development classes recently went to the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank, where they assisted with the sorting of food donations and learned how a food bank operates. The students are also tutoring in the areas of language arts, reading, spelling, math, science, and history once a week at Blake Farms Day Care.

--Susan Easter

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